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Website Design

Our overall design standards:

  • Gaining a complete understanding of what the client envisions/expects and formulating a plan to fulfill those needs before the first line of code is written.
  • Developing a site design that fits around your content, as opposed to trying to fit your content into a pre-designed package site.
  • A design that visually flows well with the given content, and any pre-existing logos, artwork, or marketing materials.
  • Design and content formatted for all of the popular browsers (cross browser support).
  • Web standards compliant.
  • Search engine friendly, and ready for advanced optimization if requested.
  • Flexible design to allow for future expansion or modification.
  • Graphics and code optimized for faster load times and less storage space consumption.

Our Approach

Quite simply, our goal is to give you what you want. Once we have discussed your needs and expectations with you, we will use our experience to troubleshoot potential problems/conflicts with you, and suggest alternatives or additions to improve the efficiency of the design, or reduce costs.

If you have a specific design in your mind, we will do our best to turn it into reality for you. Otherwise, using existing marketing and graphics styles you already use, we will formulate a design that flows well into your business's image. We may even provide a couple of design variants for you to choose or mix'n'match from. Ultimately, the design will be based around what information you want to convey to your website's visitors, whether it be images, text, interactive content, or any possible combination of the above. The goal of any good website is to properly and clearly present the information it was intended to provide, not to bury the important items and hide it amongst 'glitter'.

RocWorx is dedicated to designing efficient websites that meet modern web standards (using valid HTML and CSS methods), ensuring that our designs are supported by the most popular browsers and search-engine friendly. In doing so, your website will be accessible for years to come, without the need for major yearly upgrades as web technology changes. RocWorx is also focused on making your websites as least-intrusive as possible to viewers, by optimizing the graphics and code for faster load times, and using server-side scripting (such as PHP) for dynamic content, as opposed to javascript and other client-side scripting, whenever possible. In these web-security conscience times, the average web surfer is very cautious of anything that must be downloaded to their computer to view or use a website...we try to alleviate the concerns of your visitors.

Why from scratch?

We design websites from scratch (as opposed to using pre-made templates) for a number of reasons. First and foremost is to ensure that the websites we design for our clients are made to fit what their needs and expectations are, and not vice-versa. As a budget-conscience business owner, you've probably already investigated the many pre-designed Template website services available. Although a relatively cheap alternative (these websites may cost anywhere from $100-$500 when all is said and done), you have no doubt realized their lack of flexibility when it comes to plugging in your content. Not to mention the fact that although they may be very attractive sites at first glance, they may not be a good visual 'fit' for your business image, or your content. These websites also tend to be very graphics intensive and over-built codewise, which results in slower load times, non web standards compliant, and not very search-engine friendly. And let's not forget that there may be hundreds of other websites online using the same exact template.

Your Budget

Although we understand budget is a primary concern, there's no reason you can't have the best of both worlds. You CAN have a custom website for your business, one that is efficient, compliant, tailored to YOUR needs, and unique to your business image. If you are constrained by a fixed budget, and don't think you can get what you need out of our posted price structure, CONTACT US anyways! We might be able to suggest ways to make your project more cost-effective to fit within your expense goals. It doesn't hurt to ask!

Design Pricing

Graphic Design $50.00 / Hour
Code Design $40.00 / Hour
Compliance Upgrades $30.00 / Hour
Custom Scripts & Installations $90.00 / Hour

But how much will it cost me?

An important question, and difficult to answer with out knowing your specific needs. On average however, setting aside service costs and just focusing on website design costs, the first page is the most expensive since the bulk of the design time is spent on that. Following pages tend to follow the same (or very similar) design, and are relatively cheap in comparison. With that said, we've done multipage websites for as little as $500, and we've done others twenty times that.

As a general guideline, consider the following estimates. And keep in mind, these are ESTIMATES and assume an average amount of graphics and code creation, but NOT including any specialized modules (such as a blog, guestbook, contact form, shopping cart, etc.).

Single page site: $200.00.
Multipage Site: First page: $300.00
Multipage Site: Additional pages: $100.00 (ea.)

We can not stress enough that the above are very rough estimates, taken from an average of past and current projects. Every project is unique, and pricing is tailored to the requirements of the project to ensure that the Client is not paying for extra services that they are not using.

Redesigns & Compliance Upgrades

Already have a website? Just need to bring it up to modern standards or give it a minor facelift? We'd be more than happy to do so for you. RocWorx can optimize images and code for faster load times, current (and future) web standards, conversions to a more efficient template layout for added flexibility and efficiency, and more! CONTACT US and we will take a look at your current website, review what changes you would like, and we can produce a quote and schedule to fit your budget.