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Domain Names

These days, finding a good domain name (ie: "") is becoming increasingly more difficult. Most of the good ones are taken, either by legitimate companies, or by 'Domain Warehouses' that simply buy up good ones in the hopes that they can sell it to you for 100 times the price. RocWorx more than understands the plight companies go through to obtain a domain name that is applicable to their business, yet short enough and easy to remember. In fact, it explains why we chose 'RocWorx' as our company name.

Although you are required to have a domain name to establish an online presence, we do not require you to purchase one through us. It is a service we offer for two reasons:

  1. Less hassle for you. We keep track of expiration dates so you don't lose it, and it's simply convenient to have all of your web services combined on one bill. You'll find that our Domain Name rates are very comparable to the market standards.
  2. If you are having trouble finding a domain name that fits your needs, we can go hunting for you. Once we've discussed the needs of your company and learned a bit about you and what you do, it's relatively easy for us to search out alternative options if the one you really want is already taken.

Below is a simple Domain Name search form, in case you wanted to get a head start on finding that perfect Domain Name for your website.

Domain names are currently $10.00 per year with any Hosting Plan, and are FREE with any yearly Hosting agreement.