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Affordable Web Services 
               for the Small Business Owner Domain names, Email Services, 
              Website Hosting, Website Design

Complete Pricing Structure

The following lists our current maximum service rates. These rates may change without notice, to reflect current industry standards and changes in service provider costs. These will reflect the maximum RocWorx will charge at any given time for the given service(s). If you have any questions regarding our pricing structure, feel free to contact us at:

Refunds and Penalties

For all yearly Service/Hosting agreements, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee for hosting accounts. After the 30 day period, RocWorx reserves the right to return a pro-rated refund, but typically only when RocWorx determines it is solely or partially at fault.

There are no refunds on accounts that are on month-to-month agreement terms.

Domains: If you register a new domain name with your account and choose to cancel service, $10 will be deducted from the refund for the cost of the domain. You will continue to maintain full ownership of the new domain after you have canceled your hosting with us.

SSL Certificates: SSL Certificates are on a yearly term, and can not be refunded once issued.

Insufficient Funds: If a check is returned, or any type of electronic funds transfer is denied, there is a minimum of $30.00 penalty per instance, and any additional fees enacted by the financial institution in question.

Failure to pay: If no satisfactory arrangements for scheduled payment are made, RocWorx reserves the right to disable the account, cancel all services, and assume ownership of all items attached to the account, including Domain Names. If a large debt has accrued, legal action will be taken.

Hosting Packages

E-Flyer Hosting Package - Monthly $9.99 / Mo., $100.00 Setup
E-Flyer Hosting Package - Yearly $3.99 / Mo., $50.00 Setup
D.I.Y. Hosting Package - Monthly $12.99 / Mo., $50.00 Setup
D.I.Y. Hosting Package - Yearly $7.99 / Mo., $0 Setup
Managed Hosting Package - Monthly $16.99 / Mo., $50.00 Setup
Managed Hosting Package - Yearly $9.99 / Mo., $0 Setup
E-Commerce Hosting Package - Monthly $59.99 / Mo., $200.00 Setup
E-Commerce Hosting Package - Yearly $49.99 / Mo., $100.00 Setup

Web Design Services

Graphic Design Rate $40.00 / hour
Code Design Rate $30.00 / hour
Code Standards Upgrade Rate $30.00 / hour
Custom Script Creation
(PHP, Javascript, Flash, CGI, etc.)
$50.00 / hour

Web Maintenance Services *

Yearly or Monthly Updates Free
Bi-Weekly Updates $39.99 / Month
Weekly Updates $69.99 / Month
Daily Updates $499.99 / Month
24/7 Dedicated Webmaster CONTACT for bids.

* Maintenance contracts are only for websites hosted by RocWorx.

Misc. Services

Domain Names $9.99 / Year
Domain Names
(With yearly hosting plan)
Extra Storage (double) $4.99 / Month
20 Additional Email Accounts $4.99 / Month
Dedicated IP $50.00 / Year
SSl Shared Certificate $99.00 / Year
SSL Pro Certificate $399.00 / Year
SSL Wildcard Certificate $699.00 / Year
Basic Search Engine Submittal $25.00
Premium Search Engine Submittal Varies, CONTACT for more info