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SEO Services

You have a website, but now what? How do you get people to find it?

RocWorx has joined forces with a leading national SEO firm to provide all the services necessary to market your website. There are a number of avenues to take depending on your particular needs.

Website Optimization

RocWorx can analyze your website, and recommend design and content changes that would make it more 'search engine friendly'. If you are a new client and have contracted RocWorx to design your website for you, be sure to mention that you are interested in SEO services so that we can lay the groundwork from the beginning. Clients with existing pages may require some redesign work in order to make them SEO-ready.

Minimal Marketing Campaigns

Advertising on the two leading search engines (Google and Yahoo!) can be performed for as little as $100/month each. Rocworx will analyze and research proper keywords for your website, and manage the advertising campaigns for you. Every month you will receive a report indicating how many impressions (times your ad was displayed), clicks (how many times someone actually clicked your ad to go to your website), and a keyword analysis that will be used to finetune your campaign.

Extensive Marketing Campaigns

Need a more agressive SEO campaign, or simply want to be more hands on? Our partnership with one of the nation's leading SEO firms grants special discounts on extensive SEO packages. You will be able to work one-on-one with a dedicated representative that manages your campaign on a daily basis. Paid Search programs start at $200/month, and extensive SEO Keyword analysis programs can be generated for as low as $100/month. Also available are offline marketing programs such as business profile local and toll-free call tracking.

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